Misconception To a Certain Degree

Well looking at what I am currently working on, I am not surprised that many has the misconception about my line of work. Well I certainly can’t blame them as there has been many bad seeds in this industry that has caused a bad name for this industry. Well, unfortunately, I know that this is the line where I could grow in terms of personal development as well as giving me a chance to talk to more people, and sometimes allowing me to educate people regarding the importance of protection, savings, and having an understanding about financial management.

It is no surprise that people can plan their holidays all down to the meals that they have, but sometimes they have no idea how to save their money and sometimes, they just don’t plan for their own old age, unless they don’t intend to live a long life. I do know that there are people who do have planning in place, but not all are doing such.

Only if they knew that life could be very unpredictable and anything could very well happen. Even I am not god to foresee what will happen, or else I would have gotten myself winning lottery tickets all the time and winning some easy money and not work right. But even then I could not foresee misfortunes that may arise, but I could certainly reduce its impact on me and my loved ones, especially in our lives. I am very fortunate to have parents who have such foresight and got themselves prepared. The only shortfall was that only if their agent was more concerned about my parents’ and my well being, instead of their own pocket.

I can’t deny that most in this industry is in it for the money $$$$$, but somehow, when I got myself into this industry, it was more of an attempt towards a greater personal development growth, especially in my people skills and also talking skills. So, the income is a side effect? Maybe I am fooling myself as such and did not performed as well in terms of getting things done, such as calling people up (which I believe many has finally decided not to pick up my calls, I ain’t complaining, as it is definitely a norm, no harm at all, just move on and call on), and meeting up with people. Now, my mother has been pestering me in terms of getting myself on my feet, and I have to agree that money $$$, has become a main priority. But I would not like to forego my integrity at the same time, so its gonna take a whole lot of compromise on my end for sure.

I have loads on my mind since then, and I am very fortunate to have an understanding leader who also helps drive me towards achieving the necessary goals for me to get what I need to survive. So all is good. Great leader, great colleagues, and happy people to meet.

Now I like this quote, “what is there to lose?”. So what do I have to lose? I have been made to feel that I do not even have it, so if I do not have it, I really have nothing to lose, isn’t it?

So allow me some time, and maybe you might learn a few good things that may come useful to you, and you would most likely need not pay a single cent for it.


p.s. a super super happy chinese new year to everyone~!!! It is an awesome time of the year to spend time with family and friends. But always be careful of when you drive. There are a whole lot of people who might be tired and may just cause you to lose something very important. T

Take carez, and happy chinese new year again~!

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