Return of The Warriors – One Fighting Championship

A special thanks to One Fighting Championship for organizing such an awesome event with such fantastic fights~! Not only with local fighters, but even fighters from overseas, which includes America, South Africa, Philippines and not forgetting Vietnam.

There were 10 fights lined up for the night, and the audience were simply ecstatic with the fighting abilities of the warriors who fight valiantly in the cage that night. Blood were pumping and people were screaming with excitement as each fighter made their way into the cage.


The entire night was handled so professionally and not forgetting it was being broadcasted live on paid tv throughout the world.

Now I wouldn’t say that all the fights were super exciting as I find that some of the matches were mismatched and the fighters can’t seem to hold out against their opponent long enough to make it an interesting match. On top of that, some of the fighters were simply too cautious and refuse to take up the aggression.


However, I was not disappointed with the night as there were a few exhilarating fights that had kept me on the edge of my seat. And if it wasn’t for my lost voice and my severely fucked up sore throat, I would be cheering my lungs out like a mad dawg yo.

Now, I know you guys certainly wanted to know who was fighting who, and you can certainly find out more about the fights that happened by reading what Tony and Benjamin had to say about the fights that night. Click on their names to find out more yeah.

Now, the night was not without its blood and gore as there were instances where fights had to be stopped due to some serious cut up lips (to a point that the lips is hanging~! Gotta stitch that bad boy up for sure), but the fighter who suffered that injury wanted to continue fighting. Of course, as professional as this fights come, it had to come to a stop.


I saw some really muscular guys getting their life choked out of them before they admitted defeat by tapping out, while some while simply prancing around trying to punch the air in front of their opponent, but there were certainly some really sharp strikes by the fighters to their opponents with rapid fire movement and also rapid aggression towards tackling them down to the ground to grapple them to submission or possibly for a mound and pound their opponents.


I was slightly saddened when Saiful Merican had to admit defeat by tapping out during an armbar by his opponent, as he is really known for his Muay Thai abilities to kick some serious ass. But it was his MMA debut, and he has not spent enough time training on the ground to prevent himself from getting into a bad situation on the ground.


As good as this was, the fights started on time at 7pm and ended by roughly about 11pm. Awesome 10 fights and all respect goes out to the fighters and their dedication towards training themselves for such brutal fights.


Not forgetting to mention some pretty awesome victory poses by the winners of the fights~!!!



I would really like to catch the next One FC event, and guess what. It is not that far away either. Its gonna be held in Singapore this coming April. Now if you love to watch some real fights and not some of the choreographed stuff you see in movies, then you seriously gotta check out One FC in Singapore this coming April~! It is a chance not to be missed I tell you~! Check out One FC site and find out more.


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