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The DiGi Done Right Camp.  There were much shroud of mystery behind the camp as the Nuffies (the staff working in Nuffnang) did not inform us Nuffnangers (bloggers who are connected with Nuffnang) any details regarding the camp other than the details about what to pack for the 2 days 1 night camp.

So what was this mysterious DiGi Done Right Camp anywayz?  Well that is where I shall come in and reveal what the camp is all about.

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Well, on day 1, I arrived at the DiGi D’House a little too early as I did not join the others on the bus from Kelana Jaya to the DiGi D’House as I decided to drive myself over.  I kinda arrive at about 8.15 am.  So I had to wait for awhile before people started flocking in.

I was bored so I got my camera out and started snapping some pictures of the building from the outside.  Was testing out my camera man abilities.  Still much to learn, but it is not what I am passionate about.  My passion is elsewhere.

Here is a picture of the hall inside the building.  Pretty spacious isn’t it?

Around 9.20 the other bloggers as well as the Nuffies arrived and the registration began.  We were ushered to have our breakfast, which I was happy for.  The Nuffnangers and the Nuffies were pretty well fed over the 2 days period.

Here are a few pictures of the food that we were fed with.  Photo credit to Dewi~!

Photo credit to Dewi

Photo credit to Dewi

Photo credit to Dewi

Don’t those food look sinfully good?  Well there were sinfully good~!  I gotta say my favourite was the “roti jala” and the curry.  I gotta give my hats off to DiGi for feeding us silly with good food~!  We are very greatful for the great food served~!

Just to note, those are the pictures of the food served over the 2 days period and I don’t intend to post more pictures of food.

After our delicious breakfast, we headed back to the room called “Studio” whereby we waited for the presentation.

Our host for the 2 days is Mr Prashan aka Melakaboy.  He is a really nice chap who knows his stuff very well.  He gave us Nuffnangers (as well as Nuffies, who were attending the camp) an itinerary of the 2 days before passing over to James Yeang or better known as @friedbeef on the social media platform.  He certainly knows his gadgets really well.

James then took the opportunity to talk about the DiGi smart plan as well as the gadget that runs on Android and Windows 7 OS.

After his display of the Android & the Windows 7 OS phones, I began to doubt about my choice for either an iPhone or a Blackberry.

Can somebody out there tell me why are there soooo many good phones in the market?  If it wasn’t because of my crippled wallet, I would certainly like to get my hands on all the gadgets.  I am greedy that way, but I realize that such thoughts should not be the case and I should certainly settle for 1 that comes together with the DiGi Smart Plan that would certainly feed my data needs~!

Here is a photo of James Yeang aka @friedbeef.  Photo credit to Myrmia Melodiea.

Photo credit to Myrmia Melodiea

After friedbeef’s presentation, he passed it over to Su Lin and she shared with us on the statistic regarding the internet users in Malaysia.  She also shared with us a video clip about a man in China who built robots without having gone to university.  An article about the guy and his inventions being brought to the Shanghai World Expo 2010 was also shared.  It goes to show that anything is possible.

Photo credit to Myrmia Melodiea

After their presentation, the DiGi Done Right Camp truly began.

The camp was conducted by U2. Kumar with his team of supporters.  Here is a picture of U2. Kumar, photo credit to Farha.

Photo credit to Farha

This is the man who enthusiastically got us to play games.  Getting us to shout cheers, get us to high ten others, and pat others on the shoulders while saying encouraging words.

We were divided into 5 teams.  The leaders are actually people who volunteered themselves up to become leaders.  I was definitely not one of them, but I was fortunate to be chosen by my leader, Farha to join her and four others who makes up team Super Dynamite~!

The other four teams are, Superlicious, Lord Of Speed, Yellow Bloggers, and Dynamite.  Of course there are pictures of us in our respective teams.

Photo mash up by Zizi and photos by Mokky Mok.

Photo Credit to Mokky Mok and editing To Zizi Mobi

One of the topic is about Energy and there was an activity that involves two Super Bloggers who were of opposite gender.  Here is a picture of them.

Photo credit to Dewi

During this activity, everyone was laughing their asses off.  There was energy coming and someone was vibrating.  The laughter was simply insane.

After this activity, we went on a tour around the D’House with Mr P as our guide.  Of course I won’t go through the entire tour because I am sure the other Super Bloggers whom I have listed below have done so, but I would like to put forward a video tour of the D’House done by my team, Super Dynamite~!  The girls were the tour guide while I was the camera man, and Najmi aka Myrmia Melodiea was more of the art director.


I hope we did good justice to the D’House tour, but it was nowhere as professional as the one done by Mr P himself.  To get a tour of the D’House in detail, you gotta wait for the next DiGi Done Right Camp alright~!

Here are some of the highlights that was brought up during our tour around the D’House.

Photo credit to Myrmia Melodiea

This set of furniture is probably one of the most expensive I’ve heard so far with the approximate cost of RM16,000.  Yes this furniture cost quite a fair bit but this is because DiGi loves unique furniture and this piece of furniture is unique because it could be stacked up to shape into a cone.  How cool is that~!  Of course we did not attempt to stack it on fears that we might break it and be responsible for it.

Another thing that I found out bout DiGi is their concept of paper-less concept.  They try to use less paper by sending memos using emails and writing on the glass wall during their group meetings.  Here is an example.

Photo credit to Myrmia Melodiea

After the meeting is done, they would take a picture of the discussion written on the glass and email it around.  This would definitely reduce the need for paper~!  I like this idea.

And to make the environment more lively, DiGi also have plants all over throughout the D’House.  It makes the environment not too dull in my opinion.

Here are some other flowers that were found in the D’House.  Photo credit to Myrmia Melodiea.

Photo credit to Myrmia Melodiea

Flowers do cheer the place up and I heard that these flowers are changed once a week and we caught the opportunity to see this happen on the Sunday we were at the D’House.

We were also given a chance to tour the area where the customer service operators work and we were given the low down about their work environment.  It made me realize that customer service operators are human too.  So lets do our best to talk to the customer service operators and give them a chance.

They even work on weekend to satisfy the customers’ needs.   So respect to them for taking on this job.

Of course after the tour we were back to our motivational camp with U2 Kumar and more sinful food.  During which, I learnt a whole lot of things.  What I learned?  Well, it is what I learnt and I believe that you, my readers won’t be able to learn from what I say here, but rather by experiencing it as well.

That is why I hope that DiGi would do this camp again for others as well as have U2 Kumar continue with the stage 2 of the camp.  Yes that is right.  There is a stage 2 to this camp and we the Super Bloggers who attended the first DiGi Done Right Camp just attended the 1st stage of the camp.

The camp was an experience of a lifetime and only the participants of the camp would truly understand the feeling we have in ourselves at this present moment.  We are there to support each other.

We have also planned a gathering for us the 1st batch of the DiGi Done Right Camp Super Bloggers for a get together.

I would also like to thank lovely Fresh026 aka Teoh Xin Xian for her time and dedication in helping organize things for us Super Bloggers.

Of course I took a candid photo of Fresh as she is constantly busy with her Blackberry.  Of course she is not alone in taking care of us Super Bloggers.  She had her sidekick Jestina with her to assist her in all the matters.

Jestina, she is really sensitive to cameras taking photos of her.  Can smile somemore.  Well that is Fresh’s sidekick during this event.


On a personal note, it has been a really long time since I was able to let go and relax.  It was also the first time since I had a good laugh for a long time.

A special shout out to Nuffnang & DiGi for making this happen for me and the other bloggers.

This blog post could not be done without the help and the enthusiasm of the other Super Bloggers who attended the camp~!  A big shout out to all the Super Bloggers who attended the DiGi Done Right Camp on the 15th and 16th of January~!

At this camp, I learnt that a person should have a big heart and this is something I should be practicing.

Yes that would be my heart at this moment.  Trying to make it big so the “dush” part doesnt cover as much.  Or maybe I am understating it a little bit.

But no matter, this was the most important thing that I brought home with me.  Though some others I do forget from time to time, I am blessed to have such great super bloggers to back me up.

So instead of myself winning the prize that was put up, I would like to support the others who have put up an effort to win that fabulous prize from DiGi~!  We super bloggers love DiGi for it.

For me I got a better prize, which was knowing and befriending the super bloggers who attended the DiGi Done Right Camp.  They certainly made my 2011 a little brighter.

So here are the list of Super Bloggers~!  I support them with all my heart, and may they win the prize from DiGi~! The list of Super Bloggers are not in any sort of order, just by random~!

Super Ashley~! –

Super Timothy Teoh~!

Super Engtaukia~!

Super Munster~!

Super Nick from Rosevelt band~!

Super Farha~!

Super Kifli~!

Super Mimi Pie aka Michelle Wong~!

Super Nikel Khor~!

Super Dustyhawk aka Serge~!

Super Y Square~! http://y–

Super Jacqkie from Churp Churp~!

Super Najmi aka Myrmia Melodiea~!

Super Dewi~!

Super Mimi NR~!

Super Rayyan~!

Super Azham Vosovic~!

Super Rabiatul~!

Super Philippe~!

Super Mokky Mok~!

Super Zuriey~!

Super Zach aka Zizi Mobi~!

Super Saiful Naim~!

Super Jimmy~!

I would like to sincerely apologies if I did not get everyone’s name up here because I know for a fact that I missed out a few.  I also would like to apologise if I misspelled the names (if I do please message me so that I could correct it).

I do hope one of you get the prize from DiGi, with me, whole heartedly saying congratulations~!  I support all of you Super Bloggers~!


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    cool! you have so many blog links!

  2. Only then I realized that u were the one who 1st arrived there. LOL!

    Cool, I support you too! 😀

    • Elwyn~! says:

      Yeah, I was the first to arrived and waited for quite a bit before the arrival of the rest of the Super Bloggers.

      I support the other Super Bloggers and yourself who participated in the blogging earlier than me. You guys & girls are my inspiration to blog. It was tough for me to blog this but I got it done anywayz.

      However I believe the other Super Bloggers are more deserving of the prize.

  3. YY says:

    I support you too!

  4. Alien says:

    waa! so many nice food! =)

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  8. lol .. it’s Dustyhawk one word dood!

  9. Nikel Khor says:

    awesome supper bloggers

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