Spartacus Workout Sheet~!

Like the title above, I have noticed that the visitors of this blog of mine actually looking for something. And using the Google Analytics that I have installed on my website, as well as the Nuffnang ad, which was also installed on my site, I was able to monitor the traffic.

From the traffic, I found out that people found my page because they are looking for the Spartacus Workout Sheet, or Manu Bennett girlfriend.  Looks like Spartacus is a real big hit~!  For me anyway.  And as for Manu Bennett’s girlfriend, I have no idea who she is.

Therefore I have decided to go the extra mile to provide the Spartacus Workout Sheet~!

It is in the form of a PDF file after the jump.

Register your name and email at the link below to receive a copy of the Spartacus Workout Sheet~!

Register Here for the Spartacus Workout Sheet

I hope that you enjoy working out using the Spartacus Workout Sheet, as I myself find it hard to follow as I have yet to build the upper body strength required to be able to complete the workout.

Please drop me a comment here if you like it.


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  1. Nathan says:

    I was looking for it on the internet for a week ! So great, thanks a lot!

  2. Anthony M LaTerza says:

    I am trying to get into Spartacus shape by june. Please send me the spartacus worksheet

  3. Mike says:

    Send me the workout please , I would gladly appreciate it, I’m trying to loose this skinny body and bulk up.

  4. DortheaKarp says:

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